Greetings! I'm Dana DuBois.

I'm a GenX word nerd living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm also a Boost nominator, publisher, editor — and a writer once known as All My Little Words.

I run two publications on Medium:

1. Pink Hair & Pronouns is a community for parents and caregivers of trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming kids. We welcome storytelling at the intersection of parenting and gender, a space to share concerns, triumphs, and advice in a supportive, empathetic environment. You can learn more — or sign up as a writer — here.

2. Three Imaginary Girls started as an indie music website in Seattle. I co-founded it with Imaginary Liz back in 2002 (!!) with the intent of shining a bright light on the thriving live music scene in Seattle. We hosted shows and events and once upon a time, were crowned MVPs of Seattle music! In 2023, we brought Three Imaginary Girls to Medium with the intent of sharing stories about music discovery and memoir — in other words, what new music have you uncovered? And how has music moved your life? Sound interesting? You can learn more — or sign up as a writer — here.

I also edit for the amazing Age of Empathy, the Memoirist, and Black Bear.

My origin story

When I first started writing on Medium in April 2023, I thought I was just posting a few writing samples for a job interview. I had very low expectations and a strong wish to protect my privacy. So I joined under a moniker — All My Little Words, a reference to the incredible Magnetic Fields song of the same name, a tribute to the futility of words to move hearts that I found delightfully ironic — and applied for that job.

I didn’t get the job.

But what I did get was access to entire new world of creativity, community, and possibility here at Medium. My spent here has been nothing less than extraordinary, transformative even. I had no idea what was coming — and I’m still humbled and blown away by how incredible it’s all been.

And I know I still have so many Medium adventures yet to come. My little words on Medium are intentionally niche-less, but topics of interest include parenting, music and pop culture, relationships, and feminism.

My writing style leans more memoir than journalistic; I’m a huge fan of the oxford comma — and of em-dashes — for emphasis; if you use a semi-colon properly, I’m all yours.

Well-used alliteration and assonance makes my heart sing.

Active verbs rule.

Show me, don’t tell me.

I love to mentor writers too, so if you submit a story to one of my publications, don’t be surprised if I provide feedback. Editing words and bringing stories to life gives me immense joy.

And being a Boost nominator, which enables me to elevate and support other excellent writers — as well as make Medium a more literary and interesting place to read— well, it’s an immense honor, and such a thrill.

I welcome you to follow me, to sign-up to receive emails whenever I publish, or just to say hello in the comments. I’ve met so many wonderful people here at Medium and hope to meet many, many more.

And if you’re really feeling generous, you can always buy me a coffee. (Make mine an iced oat milk decaf mocha, please and thank you.)

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Publisher for Pink Hair & Pronouns and Three Imaginary Girls. Boost nominator. I'm a GenX word nerd living in the PNW with a whole lot of little words to share.