Hi, I’m Dana DuBois

I’m a Boost nominator, publisher, editor — and a writer of All My Little Words.

Dana DuBois
3 min readJan 1, 2024
It’s me, hi!

Medium, it’s time to call me by my name.

When I first started writing on Medium in April 2023, I thought I was just posting a few writing samples for a job interview. I had very low expectations and a strong wish to protect my privacy. So I joined under a moniker — All My Little Words, a reference to the incredible Magnetic Fields song of the same name, a tribute to the futility of words to move hearts that I found delightfully ironic — and applied for that job.

I didn’t get the job.

But what I did get was access to entire new world of creativity, community, and possibility here at Medium. The past 8–9 months spent here have been extraordinary, transformative even. I had no idea what was coming — and I’m still humbled and blown away by how incredible it’s all been.

All My Little Words has launched a rather big collection of words in 2023. I’ve also launched two publications, and I edit for three others. Hiding behind a moniker is starting to feel… awkward.

It seems time for a fresh introduction.

So, hello! I’m Dana DuBois.



Dana DuBois

Publisher for Pink Hair & Pronouns and Three Imaginary Girls. Boost nominator. I'm a GenX word nerd living in the PNW with a whole lot of little words to share.